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  • Let the TOR Begin!
    The 2017 regular season officially came to an end on Sunday. The New Milford Blazers became only the second team in league history to finish a season with 120 wins. Los Altos (113) and St. Louis (103) also joined the 100-win club yet again. The earlier-than-usual BDBL postseason officially kicks off on the week of the 16th. The Division Series will include matchups between New Milford and Ravenswood, Los Altos and Salem, St. Louis and Kansas, and Great Lakes and Charlotte.
  • Final Chapter
    Only one race remains in the 2017 BDBL season. Two games separate three teams in the Eck League wild card race. The Chicago Black Sox went 19-9 in Chapter Five to creep within two games of the wild-card-leading Kansas Law Dogs. The Buckingham Sovereigns also trail by two games in that race. The Los Altos Undertakers have already won more than 100 games with a full chapter remaining, and the New Milford Blazers are one win away from winning 100+ games six years in a row.
  • Running Away With It
    The New Milford Blazers began the second half clinging to a four game lead over the Salem Cowtippers. Twenty-four games later, their lead stands at fourteen games. Their 21-3 performance in Chapter Four tops even the Los Altos Undertakers (20-4), who won twenty or more games in a chapter for the fourth chapter in a row. Both teams are now on pace to win more than 120 games this season. In the EL, Kansas (16-8) and Chicago (14-10) each picked up ground in their division races, and now trail by one and six games, respectively.
  • Halfway There
    There was little movement in the standings in Chapter Three, but some big trades could change that. The Great Lakes Sphinx greatly upgraded their starting rotation, adding Carlos Carrasco and Jeff Samardzija. But the biggest impact was the acquisition of Cy Young-caliber ace Jose Fernandez by the St. Louis Apostles. The Los Altos Undertakers led the way with 19 wins in Chapter Three, followed by Salem (17), New Milford (16), and St. Louis (16).

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October 25: Happy birthday, Johnny Bo!
October 26: Happy birthday, Scot Zook!
October 27-November 20: League Championship Series
November 20-30: BDBL World Series



AV: D.Murphy (BCJ), .354 LeMahieu (CLT), .340
HR: K.Davis (FLG), 45 Longoria (BKS), 51
RBI: Arenado (LAU), 138 Beltre (CLT), 137
OPS: D.Murphy (BCJ), 1.022 Trout (BKS), 1.060
RC: D.Murphy (BCJ), 137.8 Trout (BKS), 165.9
W: Moore (NMB) / Sale (LAU) / Quintana (NMB), 22 Arrieta (CHI), 17
ERA: Kershaw (NMB), 1.99 C.Martinez (CHI), 2.44
K: Verlander (RAV), 276 Scherzer (SCS), 293
BR/9: Kershaw (NMB), 8.1 Scherzer (SCS), 9.2
SV: Jansen (LAU), 54 Herrera (GLS), 41

* Final, 2017