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Established 1999
  • Akron Makes a Statement
    The Akron Ryche cranked the dial to eleven in Chapter Five, going 23-5, sweeping the Ravenswood Infidels, and taking a commanding five-game lead in the Benes Division race. The Higuera Division race is a tight race, with Buckingham leading the way, with Kansas (3 GB) and Great Lakes (6 GB) trailing close behind. The EL wildcard race is wide open, with Chicago, Myrtle Beach, and Kansas all within two games of each other.
  • Four Down, Two to Go
    Chapter Four is officially in the books. Several playoff spots remain up for grabs. Akron and Ravenswood remain tied atop the Benes Division. Buckingham owns a 2-game lead over Kansas in the Higuera. Three teams are within two games in the EL wildcard race. All three races will come down to the wire!
  • Halfway to the Finish Line
    We are now halfway through the 2022 season and five of the six divisions are still up for grabs. The Akron Ryche and Buckingham Sovereigns hold slim one-game leads in their divisions. The Niagara Locks hold a two-game lead over two teams in the Wilkie Division. The Bear Country Jamboree (4 G) and Charlotte Mustangs (6 G) own slim leads as well.
  • All Tied Up!
    Fifty-six games into the 2022 season, we have ties atop the Benes and Griffin Divisions. Akron and Ravenswood continue to battle it out in the Benes, while Blacksburg surged into a tie with Bear Country in the Griffin. Great Lakes still (somehow) holds a slim lead in the Higuera over the surging Buckingham. Niagara clings to a tenuous 3-game lead in the Wilkie.

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October 15: Happy birthday, Lee Scholtz!
October 25: Happy birthday, Johnny Bo!
October 28, 10:00pm ET: All Chapter Six series due



AV: T.Anderson (BCJ), .316 Brantley (SCS), .356
HR: Devers (SAL), 45 Guerrero (NIA), 45
RBI: Devers (SAL), 119 Arenado (SPG), 114
OPS: Stanton (BBB), .951 Harper (CHI), 1.039
RC: Devers (SAL), 106.8 Guerrero (NIA), 125.8
W: Wheeler (LVF), 18 Manaea (CHI)/Morton (BKS), 15
ERA: Burnes (AKR), 2.44 Ray (MBH), 3.04
K: Wheeler (LVF), 233 Morton (BKS), 224
BR/9: Scherzer (RAV), 9.2 Ray (MBH), 8.9
SV: Clase (LAU), 36 Pressly (BKS), 35

* as of 9/14