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Established 1999
  • One to Go
    Heading into the final chapter of the 2019 season, the five Ozzie League playoff spots appear to be locked up. The only remaining question is whether Los Altos or Salem will capture the coveted #1 seed. In the Eck League, six teams are still chasing four playoff spots, including two division titles and both wildcards.
  • Playoff Picture Still Uncertain
    The Salem Cowtippers went a BDBL-best 20-4 in Chapter Four to climb into a tie with the Los Altos Undertakers for the #1 seed in the OL playoffs. The Joplin Miners own a commanding 12-game lead for the OL wildcard, and the Ravenswood Infidels and Bear Country Jamboree are within a game of each other for the second wildcard. In the EL, Kansas, St. Louis, and Chicago own comfortable division leads, and five teams are within six games of each other in the battle for the two wildcard spots.
  • Halfway There
    The 2019 season is offically half done. The only movement in the standings this past chapter was the Apostles taking over first place from the slumping SoCal Slyme in the Wilkie Division. Great Lakes (17-7) also made strides in the EL wildcard race. Several big-name players were traded in Chapter Three, including Christian Yelich (to Charlotte), Scooter Gennett (to Akron), Travis Shaw (to Salem), Gio Gonzalez (to Joplin), and Brandon Nimmo (to Salem.)
  • Another Chapter in the Books
    The surprising Cleveland Rocks surged to 17 wins in Chapter Two and pulled themselves to within five games of the Hrbek Division lead. The SoCal Slyme managed to hold onto their lead over the St. Louis Apostles in the Wilkie Division. Salem and Joplin (both 18-10 in Chapter Two) continue to battle it out for the McGowan title.

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October 15: Happy birthday, Lee Scholtz!
October 20, 10:00pm ET: All but eight games due
October 26: Happy birthday, Johnny Bo!
October 27, 10:00pm ET: All Chapter Six series due
November 1-7: Wildcard Series
November 8-14: Division Series
November 15-21: League Championship Series
November 22-30: BDBL World Series



AV: Aguilar (LAU), .348 Machado (GLS), .359
HR: K.Davis (RAV), 50 Machado (GLS), 44
RBI: K.Davis (RAV), 137 Bregman (CLT), 113
OPS: Aguilar (LAU), 1.131 Machado (GLS), 1.071
RC: Betts (JOP), 135.7 Machado (GLS), 142.8
W: Cole (LAU), 19 deGrom (STL), 20
ERA: Sale (JOP), 2.16 Snell (SCS), 2.72
K: Cole (LAU), 250 deGrom (STL), 265
BR/9: Sale (JOP), 9.3 deGrom (STL), 9.1
SV: Pressly (FLG), 29 Hughes (KAN), 35

* as of 9/16