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Established 1999
  • Don't Worry; It's Almost Over
    Five chapters down, one to go. Three races remain: the McGowan Division (where Joplin owns a two-game lead over Salem), the OL wildcard (where Los Altos leads Bear Country by one game), and the EL wildcard (where Buckingham owns a one-game lead over Cleveland.) But wait! What's this? Has Jeff Paulson, leader of the OL wildcard, thrown in the towel? With only 28 games left?!
  • Races Heating Up
    McGowan Divisin rivals Joplin and Salem both added big impact players at the Chapter Four trading deadline. Joplin added Cody Bellinger and Corey Knebel, while the Cowtippers added Jose Altuve to the lineup. Joplin currently leads the division by four games. The Highland Freedom moved into a tie with the Carolina Saints atop the Wilkie Division. The Griffin Division (where Allentown holds a four-game lead) and both wildcard races remain tight as we head into Chapter Five.
  • Gimme a Break
    Yet another wild and wacky chapter came to an end, and the 2021 season heads into the all-star break. The Cleveland Rocks came out of nowhere to post the league's best record at 18-6. The Eck League once again topped the Ozzies in interleague play. Several big names (Patrick Corbin, Mike Clevinger, Asdrubal Cabrera, Daniel Murphy, Khris Davis) traded uniforms. Three division races are led by a margin of four or fewer games. What on earth does the second half have in store for the BDBL?
  • Topsy-Turvy Chapter Two Ends
    The wildest and craziest chapter in recent league history has come to an end, thankfully. Great Lakes (22-6) added to their league-best record. Joplin (18-10) and Niagara (18-10) practically reversed their Chapter One performances, with the schizophrenic Miners taking over first place in the McGowan Division. A flurry of trades, many involving major impact players, will shake up the pennant races the rest of the way.

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October 12: Happy birthday, Billy Baseball!
October 15: Happy birthday, Lee Scholtz!
October 25: Happy birthday, Johnny Bo!
October 27, 10:00pm ET: All Chapter Six series due
November 5: Happy birthday, Tony Chamra!
November 1-10: Division Series
November 11-20: League Championship Series
November 21-30: World Series



AV: Tucker (LAU), .329 Yelich (GLS), .343
HR: Stanton (ALN), 51 Reyes (BKS) / Torres (CLE), 36
RBI: Stanton (ALN), 121 Torres (CLE), 108
OPS: Trout (DBW), 1.022 Yelich (GLS), 1.032
RC: Alonso (LVF), 115.4 Yelich (GLS), 109.8
W: Cole (LAU), 16 Bauer (HLF), 16
ERA: Strasburg (SAL), 2.84 Arrieta (GLS), 2.66
K: Cole (LAU), 285 Giolito (HLF), 229
BR/9: Strasburg (SAL), 8.7 deGrom (KAN), 8.8
SV: Lugo (LAU), 35 Rogers (BKS) / Baez (GLS), 35

* as of 9/14