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Established 1999
  • For All the Marbles
    Founding fathers of the BDBL, Bob Sylvester and D.J. Shepard, will face off against each other in the 2020 BDBL World Series. This is the fourth World Series appearance for Sylvester's SoCal Slyme, which includes one championship win in 2013. For Shepard's Ryche, this is their first appearance in The Show.
  • Upset!
    The Akron Ryche shocked the BDBL universe by sweeping the top-ranked Los Altos Undertakers in the OL Championship Series, winning Game Four on a walk-off homer by series MVP Ronald Acuna. For the first time in 22 seasons, D.J. Shepard and the Akron Ryche are heading to the BDBL World Series.
  • LCS Match-ups Set
    The Los Altos Undertakers easily defeated the division-rival Bear Country Jamboree in the OLDS, setting up a OLCS match-up against the Akron Ryche, who easily defeated Salem. The Kansas Law Dogs' defeat of the Chicago Black Sox was anything but easy. Kansas needed 12 innings in the seventh and final game to advance to an ELCS face-off against the SoCal Slyme.
  • All Over But the Crying
    The Bear Country Jamboree defeated the Ravenswood Infidels in a one-game showdown to determine the OL wildcard winner. They now advance to the OLDS against the Los Altos Undertakers. The Salem Cowtippers will face Akron in the other OL Division Series for the second year in a row. In the EL, Cleveland won the wildcard on the final day of the season to advance to an ELDS matchup against the Southern Cal Slyme. Chicago will face Kansas in the other Division Series.

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November 21-30: BDBL World Series



AV: Semien (RAV), .335 Moncada (SCA), .340
HR: Alonso (LVF), 50 Yelich (GLS), 63
RBI: Goldschmidt (BCJ), 143 Suarez (SCA), 158
OPS: Goldschmidt (BCJ), 1.006 Yelich (GLS), 1.136
RC: Semien (RAV), 153.4 Yelich (GLS), 171.4
W: Cole (LAU) / S.Gray (SAL), 20 deGrom (KAN), 23
ERA: S.Gray (SAL), 3.06 Lynn (BKS), 2.29
K: Cole (LAU), 358 Verlander (CLE), 306
BR/9: Flaherty (ISP), 9.3 Lynn (BKS), 9.2
SV: Chapman (BCJ), 45 Petit (CLE), 45

* Final