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  • Down to the Wire
    With only 28 games remaining in the 2023 season, both wildcard races are wide open, and one division remains too close to call. Four teams are within two games of each other in the OL wildcard hunt. The Myrtle Beach Hitmen and Niagara Locks are battling it out in the EL wildcard. The brotherly race in the Higuera Division took an unexpected turn in Chapter Five. South Philly now leads by two.
  • Playoffs Picture Clearing Up
    Chapter Four was a turning point for several teams, providing the inspiration needed to wave the white flag or go for it. In the former category, the first-place South Philly Gritty's owner decided to hand the division to his brother after a 10-14 chapter. The Florida Mulligans had such a disastrous chapter (10-14) that they managed to convince two teams (Ravenswood and Bear Country) to go for it. Meanwhile, the Los Altos Undertakers (19-5) are running away with it all yet again.
  • Halfway There
    Heading into the all-star break, there are still many tight division races happening. The Florida Mulligans (12-12) fell apart in Chapter Three, allowing Darien (16-8) to pull ahead in the McGowan Division. Niagara and Lake Norman (both 15-9) remain tied atop the Wilkie. Ravenswood (15-9) expanded their lead in the Benes thanks to a 12-12 showing by Akron in Chapter Three.
  • Tight Races Throughout
    We are now 35% of the way through the 2023 season and we're seeing several tight races in the BDBL. In the McGowan Division, the Mulligans leapfrogged over the Blue Wave in Chapter Two thanks to a league-best 21-7 Chapter Two. The Ryche (19-9) are now tied with the Infidels atop the Benes Division. In the Wilkie Division, not a single team played above .500 in Chapter Two, leaving Lake Norman and Niagara tied atop the the division. Myrtle Beach managed to gain ground on the Mustangs in the Hrbek Divison, and are now separated by just one game.

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September 13, 9:00pm ET: Chapter Six free agent deadline
October 15: Happy birthday, Lee Scholtz!
October 25: Happy birthday, Johnny Bo!
October 25, 10:00pm ET: All Chapter Six series due
November 5: Happy birthday, Tony Chamra!
November 1-10: Division Series
November 11-20: League Championship Series
November 21-30: World Series



AV: McNeill (LAU), .329 Arraez (CLT), .382
HR: Goldschmidt (CLE), 37 Schwarber (CHI), 48
RBI: Tucker (LAU), 105 Judge (BBB), 104
OPS: Alvarez (DBW), 1.048 Judge (BBB), 1.011
RC: Goldschmidt (CLE), 128.5 Judge (BBB), 125.1
W: Bieber (LAU), 20 Nola (LKN), 16
ERA: Verlander (SCS), 2.06 McClanahan (SPG), 2.64
K: Cole (AKR), 243 Nola (LKN), 196
BR/9: Verlander (SCS), 9.1 McClanahan (SPG), 9.9
SV: Almonte (LVF), 38 Phillips (CLT), 31

* As of 9/12