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Established 1999
  • Salem vs. Charlotte
    The Salem Cowtippers and Charlotte Mustangs will go head-to-head for all the marbles in the 2019 BDBL World Series. The Cowtippers are 0-5 in their previous attempts to capture the elusive trophy. Tony Chamra of the Mustangs is a perfect one-for-one, as he won the championship 13 years ago at the helm of his previous franchise.
  • Underdogs Rule
    Out of the four Division Series played this November, three were won by the team with the lower playoffs seed. The EL wildcard Charlotte Mustangs defeated the team that won their division this season to advance to the ELCS against a Southern Cal team that defeated the heavily-favored Kansas Law Dogs. In the OL, the wildcard-winning Joplin Miners upset the Los Altos Undertakers, who were favored to win it all. Joplin will face their division rivals, Salem, in the OLCS.
  • Upset!
    The Los Altos Undertakers, holding the #1 seed in the postseason after a 112-win season, lost in seven games to the Joplin Miners in the OLDS. Series MVP Charlie Morton tossed a pair of gems in the series, and Joplin managed to hold the BDBL's top offense to a batting line of just .179/.262/.275 with only 15 runs scored. The Joplin franchise advances to the OLCS for the sixth year in a row.
  • St. Louis Collapses!
    The St. Louis Apostles completely choked in Chapter Six, going 9-19 on the chapter. Not only did they lose the division title to the Southern Cal Slyme, but they fell into a tie with the Great Lakes Sphinx for the second EL wildcard. This forces a one-game playoff between the two teams just to get the one-game Wildcard Game!

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November 22-30: BDBL World Series
December 6: Happy birthday, Jim Doyle!



AV: Aguilar (LAU), .341 Machado (GLS), .352
HR: K.Davis (RAV), 55 Machado (GLS), 55
RBI: K.Davis (RAV), 155 Machado (GLS), 136
OPS: Aguilar (LAU), 1.092 Machado (GLS), 1.063
RC: Betts (JOP), 157.1 Machado (GLS), 166.8
W: Cole (LAU), 23 Kluber (KAN), 22
ERA: Sale (JOP), 2.40 deGrom (STL), 2.80
K: Cole (LAU), 296 Scherzer (SCS), 325
BR/9: Sale (JOP), 9.4 deGrom (STL), 9.3
SV: Pressly (FLG), 35 Treinen (CLT), 46

* final, 2019