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Established 1999
  • Chicago Throws Out the Towel
    John Gill did practically everything he could to make 2021 a rebuilding year, but his Chicago Black Sox have refused to go along with that plan. Chicago finished Chapter One with the best record (21-7) in the BDBL, and own the largest lead (7 games) of any division leader. Salem (18-10), Carolina (18-10), Las Vegas (17-11), and Great Lakes (17-11) also had a successful chapter. Allentown, currently one game behind Los Altos in the Griffin Division, made the biggest move of the chapter, adding Chris Sale and Matt Carpenter.
  • Opening Day, 2021!
    The most unique and challenging season in BDBL history has arrived! For the first time in league history, the stats we use will not be the actual MLB stats from the previous season. This will have a major effect on our game play this season, both positive and negative. Without question, 2021 will be our most challenging season to date, and perhaps our most competitive. Play ball!
  • Darien Catches the Big One!
    Darien Blue Wave GM Lee Scholtz busted open the piggy bank and shattered the BDBL record for salary, signing free agent Mike Trout to a whopping $26.5 million salary with a guaranteed three-year contract of $79.5 million. The previous record was set back in 2009, when C.C. Sabathia was signed at a salary of $22 million by the Los Altos Undertakers.
  • Draft Day, 2021!
    The Myrtle Beach Hitmen officially kicked off the 2021 draft season by selecting 17-year-old prep outfielder Elijah Green with the first pick of the farm draft. The Hitmen loved the draft pool so much this year, they traded for the second pick as well, using that slot to select high school senior Jordan Lawlar. Day One of the auction has already resulted in a record-tying bid of $22 million for Mike Trout.

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April 7: Happy birthday, Scott Romonosky and Jeff Paulson!
April 10: Happy birthday, Mike Stein and Bart Chinn!
April 17: Happy birthday, Tom DiStefano!
April 27, 10:00pm ET: Chapter Two series due
April 27, 10:00pm ET: Chapter Three trading deadline
April 28, 9:00pm ET: Chapter Three free agent deadline



AV: Tucker (LAU0, .363 Lux (CHI), .398
HR: Trout (DBW) / Suarez (LAU), 11 5 tied, 9
RBI: Suarez (LAU), 31 Schwarber (CHI), 31
OPS: Pederson (LAU), 1.122 Schwarber (CHI), 1.167
RC: Semien (JOP), 32.8 Rizzo (CHI), 30.8
W: Davies (SLF), 5 5 tied, 4
ERA: Scherzer (SAL), 0.81 Snell (SCS), 1.25
K: Strasburg (SAL), 61 Darvish (SPG), 63
BR/9: Strasburg (SAL), 5.9 Snell (SCS), 6.0
SV: Chapman (BCJ), 9 Baez (GLS), 9

* as of 3/12