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Established 1999
  • Two in the Books
    Chapter Two featured four 20-win teams: St. Louis (23), New Milford (20), Los Altos (20), and Great Lakes (20). The Apostles and Sphinx captured first place, and the Charlotte Mustangs managed to hang on to their lead despite a 14-14 chapter. The firesale in Bear Country began, while the firesales in Chicago and Niagara have been put on pause.
  • One Done
    Chapter One of the 2017 season officially ended on Wednesday. The New Milford Blazers (22-6), Salem Cowtippers (20-8), and Los Altos Undertakers (20-8) led the way in the first chapter, and the Granite State Lightning (8-20) and Western Kansas Buffaloes (8-20) took up the rear. The biggest surprises of the chapter were the first-place standings of the Niagara Locks and Charlotte Mustangs, both of whom went 17-11.
  • Splitsville
    After a one-year hiatus, the Salem Cowtippers and New Milford Blazers resumed their long-standing BDBL tradition by playing the first series of the season. Salem's bullpen blew a lead in the first game, and New Milford's Masahiro Tanaka shut down the Salem offense in Game Two, giving New Milford a 2-0 start to the season. The Cowtippers then rallied and won the final two games to earn the split. It is the first time since 2012 that the Blazers did not win the Opening Day Series.
  • And the First Draft Pick of 2017 is...
    ...some 16-year-old punk named Kumar. With the #1 selection in the 2017 farm draft, the Southern Cal Slyme selected 16-year-old high school junior Kumar Rocker. This is the third time in league history that Southern Cal has owned the #1 overall farm pick, but the first time since 2004. SoCal selected Jose Contreras in 2003 and Maels Rodriguez in 2004. Rocker is the third youngest player to be selected with the #1 overall pick, trailing Bryce Harper (2004) and Lazaro Armenteros (2016).

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May 29: Whatever, Anthony Peburn
June 12, 10:00pm ET: All Chapter Three series due
June 12, 10:00pm ET: Chapter Four trading deadline
June 13, 9:00pm ET: Chapter Four free agent deadline



AV: D.Murphy (BCJ), .375 Ortiz (AKR), .356
HR: Odor (WKB), 18 Ortiz (AKR), 20
RBI: Arenado (LAU), 46 Ortiz (AKR), 58
OPS: Cano (KCB), 1.094 Ortiz (AKR), 1.163
RC: Cano (KCB), 61.0 Ortiz (AKR), 65.4
W: Archer (LAU) / Sale (LAU), 10 3 tied, 7
ERA: Strasburg (SAL), 2.65 C.Martinez (CHI), 2.17
K: Archer (LAU), 107 Scherzer (SCS), 116
BR/9: Sale (LAU), 8.5 R.Hill (STL), 8.3
SV: Kimbrel (NMB), 22 3 tied, 14

* As of 4/28