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Established 1999
  • Halfway Home
    The strangest midseason draft in league history wrapped up on Tuesday. Prep star Zac Veen was the #1 pick by the Myrtle Beach Hitmen. The Ravenswood Infidels and Los Altos Undertakers shared the best record of Chapter Three at 16-8. Ravenswood barely staved off Akron, who went 15-9. For the first time since 2017, the Eck League bested the Ozzie League in interleague play, 100-92.
  • Two Down
    Chapter Two is a wrap. The Chicago Black Sox (19-9) led the way, pushing ahead of the Cleveland Rocks to claim sole possession of first place in the Hrbek Division. Salem, Kansas, and the surprising South Carolina Sea Cats all went 18-10 on the chapter. The Iron Spider Pigs (8-20) and Myrtle Beach Hitmen (6-22) pulled up the rear.
  • One in the Books
    The 2020 season is officially 17.5 percent complete. To the surprise of no one, the Los Altos Undertakers ended the first chapter with the best record (21-7) in the BDBL. The Salem Cowtippers (20-8), Bear Country Jamboree (20-8), and Great Lakes Sphinx (19-9) also enjoyed a stellar start to the season.
  • Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!
    The newly-enhanced BDBL free agent auction process has officially ended. A total of $295.5 million was spent on the 50 free agents in the auction, the most since 2014, and second-highest total in the past ten years. Bear Country was a big winner, signing five players, including Hyun-Jin Ryu, J.D. Martinez, and Paul Goldschmidt. The Great Lakes Sphinx added Christian Yelich (at $18M) and Mike Minor ($9.5M) among others. Kansas added Jacob deGrom ($17.5M) and Salem added Max Scherzer ($15.5M).

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June 18: Chapter Four pitching rotations due
July 28, 10:00pm ET: All Chapter Four series due
July 28, 10:00pm ET: Chapter Four trading deadline
July 29, 9:00pm ET: Chapter Five free agent deadline
July 31: Happy birthday, Jason Gargac!



AV: Devers (SAL), .362 Moncada (SCA), .365
HR: Alonso (LVF), 28 Yelich (GLS), 39
RBI: Goldschmidt (BCJ), 69 Suarez (SCA), 85
OPS: Devers (SAL), 1.095 Yelich (GLS), 1.154
RC: Devers (SAL), 94.5 Yelich (GLS), 96.4
W: Cole (LAU), 13 deGrom (KAN) / Greinke (SCA), 13
ERA: J.Gray (SAL), 2.19 Lynn (BKS), 1.84
K: Cole (LAU), 203 deGrom (KAN), 150
BR/9: Paddack (RAV), 8.4 Lynn (BKS), 8.0
SV: Chapman (BCJ), 25 Petit (CLE), 21

* as of 6/16