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  • Chapter Four in the Books
    Chapter Four of the 2016 season officially ended on Thursday. To no one's surprise, the Los Altos Undertakers finished with the best record (20-4) in the league. They are now playing nearly .800 baseball, and are on pace to win 128 games this season. The Chicago Black Sox went 19-5 on the chapter, and have cut Cleveland's division lead down to one game. The Kansas Law Dogs also went 20-4, and hold a three game lead over the Great Lakes Sphinx in their division.
  • Hail to the Ozzie
    The 2016 season is officially half over. To the surprise of no one, the Los Altos Undertakers head into the all-star break with the best record in the league, with the New Milford Blazers trailing closely behind. In the Eck, the surprising Great Lakes Sphinx own that distinction. The Undertakers (19-5), Sphinx (19-5), Blazers (18-6), and Flagstaff Outlaws (19-5) enjoyed an outstanding chapter, and for the first time in six years, the Ozzie League defeated the Eck League in interleague play.
  • Jamboree Adds a Pair of Aces
    The Bear Country Jamboree added both David Price and Garrett Richards to their rotation through a trade with the Niagara Locks. The Jamboree currently lead the OL wild card race by three games over the Flagstaff Outlaws. The Outlaws have been equally busy at the trading table this chapter, adding both Alex Rodriguez and Justin Grimm.
  • Bryant, Sano Swap Teams
    The Salem Cowtippers and Chicago Black Sox continued their tradition of making bold trades when the two clubs swapped franchise players Kris Bryant and Miguel Sano just minutes before the Chapter Three trading deadline. Along with Bryant, Chicago acquired closer Ryan Madson. Salem also added top prospect Andrew Benintendi along with several other players, including Alex Rodriguez.

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September 8: Happy birthday, D.J. Shepard!
September 12, 10:00pm ET: All Chapter Five series due
September 13, 9:00pm ET: Chapter Six free agent deadline
September 15: All Chapter Six pitching rotations due



AV: D.Peralta (NMB), .357 Donaldson (GLS), .360
HR: Arenado (LAU), 32 Harper (Chi), 39
RBI: Choo (NMB), 92 N.Cruz (Kan), 98
OPS: D.Peralta (NMB), 1.006 Harper (Chi), 1.093
RC: Choo (NMB), 99.1 Donaldson (GLS), 112.5
W: Sale (LAU), 17 Arrieta (Kan), 17
ERA: Archer (LAU), 2.56 Leake (Chi), 2.43
K: Sale (LAU), 230 Arrieta (Kan), 185
BR/9: Scherzer (Rav), 9.0 Arrieta (Kan), 8.7
SV: Kimbrel (Mis), 26 W.Davis (Kan), 32

* as of 7/29